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Bulletin 2

      The application form / see here / deadline May 06

      The data sheet / see here / deadline June 02

      Sent to the following e-mail: k.gelencser@richter.hu

      Please fill all known information on the data sheet for all models.

      After data verification the final starting forms will be issued during registration.

      Register and 10 / Model entry fee paid 07th -- 23th from 10.00 to 18.00.


      Each competition day at 9.00 briefing.

      From 9.30 am until 18.00 competition starts. Within this time, the contestants are free to choose the start date. 

      From 18.30 fly off.


      During the competition , within the start time, only official start can be done!

      The 2.4 GHz frequency users have the opportunity to fly, during this time,  on a marked place. (see here)

      According the EU's rules of SAM the CD may check compliance with the regulations of the models. Use this option to only random occasions.

       Please bring the model documentation with you for quick check.

      Used frequencies in Hungary: 27 MHz, 35 MHz A, B, 40 MHz 50 to 53 channels, 2.4 GHz.

      For those who are haven’t 2.4 GHz device, recommended to care reserve crystal avoiding frequency  conflicts, especially in the fly offs.

       Competitors who are haven’t 2.4 GHz device, clamp table will be set up on site, whose use is compulsory.


Mixed news

      In the electro rubber category the approved brushless motor available from Hobby King, which is the C20-1550kv.